licensing backstage does not show external extension

10-01-2018 10:27 AM
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I am evaluating the sample arcgis-pro-sdk-community-samples/Framework/Licensing/ as an Add-in that should implement the configurable extension pattern in Pro shown on the licensing tab on the ArcGIS Pro application backstage as an External Extension. Unfortunately there is no External Extension entry on the licensing tab backstage (between Esri Extensions and Settings. I cannot find any restrictions preventing the sample to achieve this issue! The sample is unchanged (including an <extensionConfig .../> element to Config.daml). Can you give me some helpful hint?

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Hello Roman,

The Licensing sample should work fine for you given a Pro 2.2.2 installation.  If you have had success compiling and running other samples, then as long as the Licensing sample add-in is in a well-known folder, you should indeed see the "External Extensions" entry appear on the Licensing tab.  Perhaps check the add-in manager to ensure the add-in is showing as installed.  If not, you might also double-check the Config.daml to ensure you have set the add-in's desktopVersion="2.0.0".  If you have an older set of 1.x samples installed, these would by default not have the newer value set and would not load in a Pro 2.x installation.

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Thank you, Christopher, very much!
The mess was caused by another external extension with configured <extensionConfig ... hasExtendedInfo="true"/> entry, but without correct IExtensionConfig implementation. Such DLL positioned in a well-known or optional AddIn folder supposedly obstructs license configuration for all other properly installed external extensions like Licensing sample. The desktopVersion setting or hasExtendedInfo flag set to "false" work as expected (impacting particular extension).