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In the ArcGIS Pro 2.2 API Reference Guide i've found this interesting function "CIMSqlQueryDataConnection " but there are no examples of how to use it, i think that this function could be useful to search in a Geodatabase for a subset of data before loading them in the TOC of ArcGIS Pro.  i've thought that this function could be useful to apply a Spatial Query or a Query on atttributes before create a Layer in the TOC. Did I get it right?

Below a sample code and a behavior that i don't understand.

    internal static Task<CIMDataConnection> _QueryDataConnection01()
        return QueuedTask.Run(() =>
          Geodatabase sde01 = new Geodatabase(new DatabaseConnectionFile(new Uri(@"C:\Users\mgeppi\Documents\ArcGIS\Projects\MyProject5\test.sde")));
          CIMSqlQueryDataConnection sqldc = new CIMSqlQueryDataConnection()
            WorkspaceConnectionString = sde01.GetConnectionString(),
            GeometryType = esriGeometryType.esriGeometryPoint,
            OIDFields = "OBJECTID",
            Srid = MapView.Active.Extent.SpatialReference.Wkid.ToString(),
            Dataset = "ParkFacilities",
            SqlQuery = "select * from [geodb].[dbo].[PARKFACILITIES]",
            SpatialReference = MapView.Active.Extent.SpatialReference,
            DatasetType = esriDatasetType.esriDTFeatureClass
          return (CIMDataConnection)sqldc;
      catch (Exception ee)
        Logger.logger.ErrorFormat("QueryDataConnection01 {0}", ee.Message);
        return null;

i use this function after where "sqldc" is my preview function.

        FeatureLayer fLyr = null;
        //MapView.Active.DrawingPaused = true;
        fLyr = LayerFactory.Instance.CreateFeatureLayer(sqldc, MapView.Active.Map, 0, "Test");

I see that in ArcGIS Pro a new Feature Layer was Created as visible below

But when i try to see the attribute table i'm getting this error and i don't know why.

it would seem like a malformed query

Then my question was, may i have more examples with right use of this class "CIMSqlQueryDataConnection" to make a spatial query or an attribute query before load data in the TOC?

Thank you in advance.


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CIMSqlQueryDataConnection isn't designed to be used like this.

Your best bet to show a subset of features in a layer is to use FeatureLayer.SetDefinitionQuery (  These's an example showing how to use this here: ProConcepts Map Authoring · Esri/arcgis-pro-sdk Wiki · GitHub 


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Thank tuo Rush, for your reply

but I need to create feature layers or a mosaic layer only after choosing a subset of data from the geo database, by a query, loading in arcgis pro only a subset of my data.

In pro-concept I only see authoring on all data already loaded in memory its correct?

On the other hand I was hoping that the CIMSqlQueryDataConnection class had been designed to load only a subset of data from geodatase and then create a layer


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My example shown above will only load a subset of data from the database.  In fact, it will only fetch those rows that appear within the current map extent (or close to it) *and* meet the query criteria.

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