Is there anyway to get to the docs online for 2.1?

07-10-2018 10:42 PM
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Hello all

Most of the SDK docs are online.

Not all of us is upgrading immediately.

I could not find anyway to get to the docs for 2.1 or 2.0


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From here ArcGIS Pro SDK | ArcGIS Desktop 

select Documentation

From there... Home · Esri/arcgis-pro-sdk Wiki · GitHub 

scroll to the bottom

Release ArcGIS Pro 2.0 SDK for .NET · Esri/arcgis-pro-sdk · GitHub 

Release ArcGIS Pro 2.1 SDK for .NET · Esri/arcgis-pro-sdk · GitHub 

and of course, if you select under Resources.... ArcGIS Pro 2.2 API Reference Guide 

you end up at the version 2.2 reference guide

Assuming this is what you mean

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If you need to get the wiki pages in the arcgis-pro-sdk repo for the previous versions -

They are available as "branches" in the wiki section of the repo.

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Suggest you give an upvote and use case to ArcGIS Pro Help should start showing version numbers (e.g. 1.0-2.1.2) . ESRI is under the impression that you upgraded to 2.2 the day it was released, and will continue to upgrade to the latest version 3-4 times per year with every SP and version change ( ).