Is there a way to setup access restrictions on an add-in that I developed?

03-02-2021 06:03 AM
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I have developed  a set of add-ins. Our organization has different branches and divisions. I would like to share the add-ins with a group of people and some individuals maybe. Is there way to insert some kind of password for each user so they will enter the password to use the add-in

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Look at the ArcGIS Pro samples: 

You can build extension and authorize it by password. Add-ins could be enabled/disable by conditions and extension.


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If your organization is running Active Directory, you might consider setting up a group for each AddIn.  You could then override the Module Initialize method so that it checks to see if the user is a member of respective group, and set a member variable _isAuthorized accordingly. 

The  components in the module could then check to see if module.IsAuthorized before enabling its functionality.

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Hi @KirkKuykendall1 and @GintautasKmieliauskas , 

I think I will need to use both of the solutions you guys offered. I will come back with results. Thanks for the answers. 


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Hi @Amadeus111 ,

If your organization is using windows active directory, you can set windows ACL at folder permission level.

And then configure these individual folder in the add-in folder registry.

Recently, I have done enterprise roll out with cloud offering with this way and it is simple and easy to manage with windows user group. User don't need to login to Add-in and if they don't have permission, they just simply cannot see the add-in.