How to start custom modify features tool in embeddable control

07-19-2021 01:49 AM
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I'm building a custom editing tool with a map tool and a embeddable control as seen in some examples. This works fine so far. The map tool appears in the Modify Features tab and after activation my WPF Content will be showed. Now I'd like to change the behavior für my specified needs:

  1. activate Tool in Modify Features. This opens only  the embeddable control und shows a list of layers. The map tool should still have no functions and the last used tool is still activated (for example panning).
  2. The user chooses one of the Layer in the embedabble control and can choose 1 of 3 actions. Each action will execute an ICommand command.

So I think there are two scenarios for a solution:

  1. I use just a button for my embedabble controll instead of a map tool. How can this be done?
  2. I use the map tool for opening the embedabble control but never user use this map tool for an action. I should still use the last tool before activation oft the map tool.




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I have similar issue. Learning a lot. I wish i could help more.

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