How to set Ramap values Dynamicly (in arcpy Recclasify toolbox)

02-21-2018 07:24 AM
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Hi ,

We are develope ArcGis pro sdk commands for Arcgis pro .We want to use Reclassify method but we can not set values dynamicly for Ramap parameter. How Can we set  dynamicly (from dynamic list, grid or array values) in RamapValue before set parameter in Reclassify ?

Here is below (in picture) manually setting RamapValues with in red rectange:



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You have shown static code, how do you intend to make this dynamic?

Or are you simply wanting to determine the remap table according to some rule-set that you will come up with?

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We want to create this format with the for loop, passing the values that the user has input from the interface into a dynamic array, not the static values as they are shown in the picture.But we are solving problem with passing array in Geoprosessing.ExecutetoolAsync method.


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