How to set Point Symbol outline colour in UniqueValueRenderer

04-05-2017 01:01 AM
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For a UniqueValueRendererfor point feature layer, I am creating classes using the following :

var uniqueValueClass = new CIMUniqueValueClass
  Values = uniqueValues.ToArray(),
  Label = compValue,
  Visible = true,
  Editable = true,
  Symbol = new CIMSymbolReference { Symbol = GetPointSymbol(symbolIndex, sizeVal,GetColor(colorIndex)) }

and creating the symbols :

private CIMPointSymbol GetPointSymbol(int symbolIndex, int sizeVal,CIMColor colour)
  var shapeDef = GetEsriSymbolTable[symbolIndex];

  var cimMarker = SymbolFactory.ConstructMarker(shapeDef.index, shapeDef.font, "Regular", sizeVal, colour); //create   marker from the Font, char index,size,colour
  cimMarker.Rotation = shapeDef.rotation;

  var pointSymbol = SymbolFactory.ConstructPointSymbol(cimMarker); //create a symbol from the marker

  return pointSymbol;

The colour is being applied to the fill, but not to the shape outline. How can i set the colour for the outline ?

GetEsriSymbolTable(symbolIndex) returns a tuple with font, character index and rotation ]

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Hi Jack,

When you create your CIMMarker, create it as a CIMCharacterMarker. You can then access the "polygon symbol" used to render the marker and then access the SymbolLayers (components that make up the symbol) to change the fill and outline.  Here is a code snippet:

var cimMarker = SymbolFactory.ConstructMarker(symbolIndex, "Wingdings 3", "Regular", sizeVal, colour) as CIMCharacterMarker; //create   marker from the Font, char index,size,colour
var polygonMarker = cimMarker.Symbol;
//modifying the polygon's outline and fill
polygonMarker.SymbolLayers[0] = SymbolFactory.ConstructStroke(ColorFactory.GreenRGB, 2, SimpleLineStyle.Solid); //This is the outline
polygonMarker.SymbolLayers[1] = SymbolFactory.ConstructSolidFill(colour); //This is the fill
var pointSymbol = SymbolFactory.ConstructPointSymbol(cimMarker); //create a symbol from the marker ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍


Uma Harano

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Perfect / Brilliant - thanks for your help !

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Is this the only way to create a point symbol and change the outline? Is there any way to actually adjust a CIMPointSymbol outline (not halo)?

For instance, I have:

var symbol = SymbolFactory.Instance.ConstructPointSymbol(ColorFactory.Instance.CreateRGBColor(0,0,0,0), 15);


Basically I want a Point Symbol with a Cyan outline and transparent fill. I can't find how to adjust the outline.

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