How to modify the contents of a tab?

09-26-2016 05:34 AM
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Like it's possible to modify the content of a group I would like to modify the content of a tab using DAML. I tried:




    <updateModule refID="ut_desktop_addin">
        <updateTab refID="ut_desktop_addin_tab">
          <insertGroup refID="ut_jobmanagement_group" />


But that does not work. The new group won't show up.

The point is: I do not want to modify an existing Esri tab but I want to add a new group to one tab that comes with another of our AddIns. Is that generally possible? Or can I modify Esri Tabs and Groups only?

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Hi Karl,

At 1.3 you can control the order by which your add-in is loaded by ArcGIS Pro using the "id" attribute of your Add-in (from the config.daml).

For Example:

"Add-In#1" has an id attribute declared in the config.daml as {c1a60c8f-2f6f-4198-a5d6-ea964ebf678c}.  

Add-In#2 has an id of {0d9f5aca-097b-4e49-9e44-505a61b99308}.

Snippet from config.daml given below:

<AddInInfo id="{c1a60c8f-2f6f-4198-a5d6-ea964ebf678c}" version="1.0" desktopVersion



<AddInInfo id="{0d9f5aca-097b-4e49-9e44-505a61b99308}" version="1.0" desktopVersion


Pro will load Add-In#2 with GUID 0d9f5aca.. first followed by Add-In#1 with GUID c1a60c8f.. (Alphabetically sequenced).

So Add-In# 1 can modify UI elements declared in Add-In#2.

At 1.4, you will be able to control this better with a "Dependency" tag in the config.daml.


Uma Harano

ArcGIS Desktop SDK Team

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