How do you specify feature type in OpenItemDialog

04-04-2019 06:57 AM
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I am using the OpenItemDialog and have looked at all the ItemFilters but I can't see one that allows to pick a certain type of feature eg polygon. This is available in ArcObjects with the GxDialogClass ObjectFilter - for example GxFilterPolyonFeatureClasses

It looks like it should be possible as certain geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro filter by type.

Is there any way to do this in the current 2.3 ArcGIS Pro SDK?



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Hi Adam - 

Could you filter the items before they are rendered in the Open Dialog? 

Maybe by listing only items/feature classes that have an AREA attribute field? 

And surely you've seen it but maybe there is something to glean from the Geometry snippets? 

Just a couple of shots in the dark. 

Good Luck

+ bill 

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