How can I get all deleted/added/modified elements during EditCompletedEvent ?

01-27-2023 12:31 AM
New Contributor III

The EditCompletedEventArgs has SelectionSets for Deletes, Creates, Modifies.

These contain information on MapMember, e.g. FeatureLayer or StandaloneTable.

From these, I can get Table or FeatureClass.

However, if the changes are on Tables / FeatureClasses not currently shown as a Layer or Attribute Table, there will be no information about these changes.

I know I can listen also to the Row Events (RowCreatedEvent, RowDeletedEvent, RowChangedEvent).

But these events are not fired in case of an Undo or Redo operation.

So in case of Undo or Redo, I am missing the information on all changes that are not currently loaded as FeatureClass or AttributeTable.

Is there a way to get that information ? I haven't found any so far.


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