GetRowsRelatedToOriginRows returns Rows instead of Features

05-23-2018 02:08 AM
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When I make a call to GetRowsRelatedToOriginRows on a relationshipclass, where the destination class is a FeatureClass (not a Table), I get a list of Row objects. I would expect I could cast these to Feature objects, but then I get an InvalidCastException.

I can cast row,GetTable() to a FeatureClass, so I'm positive I am looking at the correct table.

Am I overlooking something? Or should I make an additional request to get the actual Features instead of Rows?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Berend,

We've confirmed that this is a bug in the Pro SDK.  The workaround for now would be to refetch the features using the object IDs from the rows.

It is too late in the Pro 2.2 development cycle for us to fix it in that release, but we will target a fix for 2.3.


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Looks like it's still a bug. I use ArcGis 2.9 and I have the same problem.

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