folder/geodatabase minimize and maximize flickering

04-19-2022 01:00 PM
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After running a pro SDK button that I created that runs some geoprocessing tasks that include creating a folder, creating a gdb, creating feature classes, and merging feature classes into the new gdb I am noticing that when I navigate to the new gdb in the Catalog Pane the new gdb keeps flashing back an forth between minimized and expanded 

from this:


To this:


and back and forth to where it is hard to select the features. After about 5 min. it stops doing this. Is this due to something in the script holding onto this gdb? 


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ArcGIS Pro is multi-threaded and its most likely that processes you kicked off have not completed and include geodatabase "refresh" calls that are causing this (not something you did but something GP Tool is doing).  Fortunately those processes are not running on the GUI thread which allows you to navigate while these processes are running.  But also because of that you can see what you're seeing.   I have the same thing happen when I'm processing thousands of features.   I general don't navigate to the GDB in the catalog while that's happening unless I want to see if its done (i.e. when it stops flashing).  Just my $0.02.   But as a feature request it would be nice if they just placed an animated GIF next to the GDB and didn't "flash" it like they do.  Would be less annoying and let the user/analyst know what's happening.

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