Finding NearestPoint based on direction

06-26-2020 10:32 AM
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So I'm working on a bit of code to visualize sewer service connection from field CCTV data.  In the example below, there should be 5 connection on the selected sewer line.  I can add those to the map (red squares...see below) as a MapOverlay without any issues.  

I am now stuck at how to determine the nearest point on the Parcel fabric (polygon layer) because I need to now draw a line (see the hand drawn blue lines below) that goes from the connection point (red square) to the nearest point of the parcel fabric, but using the 'Clock' value as a guide for knowing which direction the sewer connection line is going.

Does that make any sense??  I see there is a NearestPoint in the GeometryEngine, but I'm not sure how to select the nearest parcel in a given direction.

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