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Exploring new Table construction tool in 3.1

03-14-2023 03:19 AM
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I am exploring the new Table construction tool which is introduced in 3.1 SDK.

In my use case I am thinking of adding the possibility of

1. Showing the tool in only specific standalone tables in Create Features.

2. Enable/Disable the tool based on the feature selected in the map. If the required feature is not selected disable the tool.

Right now I am tracking the ActiveTemplateChangedEvent to capture the same but still facing the limitations in this approach. Here if I capture this event I don't have the geometry to find the selected features

MapView.Active.SelectFeatures(geometry, SelectionCombinationMethod.New, true);

Any help??

@UmaHarano @Wolf  @GKmieliauskas 

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You can use the condition attribute for the tool element in your config.daml to disable\enable the tool based on what is selected. 

MapSelectionChangedEvent gives you the opportunity to see if the feature you want is selected. Based on that you can set your condition.

Here is a ProGuide on how you can implement your own conditions for your workflow:  ProGuide: Code Your Own States and Conditions 


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@UmaHarano  condition and state will give me the way to enable and disable the tool based on the feature selected. But what about the visibility of the tool for certain templates basically it should be visible for a specific standalone table and invisible for the rest?