Creating ViewShed Geopackage ArcGIS Pro

11-20-2019 08:58 PM
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How to create a view shed geopackage from arcgis Pro 2.4, that supports arcgis runtime(by package Result). The o/p of the package should be in the feature set but not the raster layer.  

I would like to have the step by step guide if possible for creation of viewshed

At earlier i have created a package where it takes only input points and doesnot take any elevation source, the o/p is feature set but when i convert it in to geopackage it is around 60kb and when implementing in runtime it gives error 

{"Failed to create service viewshed457 GPServer. Worker process 'viewshed457_host' exited while attempting to service request (attempt 1 of 1): endpoint='admin' headers={} params={filePath=d:\\viewshed457.gpkx, jobDir=C:\\Users\\sharansai.g\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\arcgisruntime_16592\\viewshed457\\jobs, maxRecords=1000, name=viewshed457, outputDir=C:\\Users\\sharansai.g\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\arcgisruntime_16592\\viewshed457, type=GPServer, virtualDir=} res='create' post=0 Crash dump path=C:\\Users\\sharansai.g\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\ArcGISRuntimeErrorReports\\arcgisruntime_100.5.0.2381_service_20191121_050027.dmp"}


G N Sharan Sai

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