Combine addins into the same ribbon

06-24-2020 07:27 AM
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We are starting to create a series of tools for Pro.    We want to build these tools separately, but have them appear in the same tab / ribbon having the company name.  Is this possible?    Experimentation seems to produce a ribbon with the same name multiple times.  

Or would we have to do something different, such as tab groups. 

Thank you

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I am assuming you have multiple add-ins that are creating these tools under the GeoComm tab? What version of Pro are you on?  

At version 2.2 and later, ArcGIS Pro automatically sequences add-in loading order to resolve any "cross-addin" dependencies within the Config.daml.

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Yes we want to create a number of add-ins, with separate code bases that can be deployed independently to customers. 

We wont know ahead of time if the given customer has all or specific or any of the potential lists of add ins.  

It is likely that these add-ins may share common settings (for example, what layers contain addressing information, what fields are important etc).  

Running and targeting Pro 2.5.1

Thank you.  

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Just to confirm -

To your dependent add-in that inserts controls into the "main" add-in that creates the tab, do you include xml similar to the lines below:

<updateModule refID="GeoComMain_Module"> <!--Main add-in that creates the GeoCom tab-->
        <updateGroup refID="GeoComMain_Group1"> <!--Group on the main add-in to insert controls into-->
          <insertButton refID="Geocom2_Button1" /> <!--the button to insert into-->