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Are Edits Performed in a RowDeletedEvent Handler Wrapped in the Edit Operation that Deleted the Row?

03-04-2018 08:57 AM
New Contributor II

I'm writing an addin that requires a series of cascading adds/deletes to related tables whenever the user deletes a feature from a particular layer.  If I have code that creates and deletes other rows within the RowDeletedEvent handler (see screenshot below), will those adds and deletes become part of the original edit operation? 



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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Chris,

You need to use CreateChainedOperation() if you want to do additional editing in the same operation. More info you will find here:

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by Anonymous User
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Chris, It depends on the nature of the edit and the data source.

Generally, If the additional edits occur on tables in the same workspace as the edit operation and they are versioned then yes, the edits will be part of the current edit operation for the purposes of undo/redo, save and discard. For non-versioned tables, the edit will go through without the undo/redo/save/discard capability.

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