After Tool Complete change to Rotate Tool

04-30-2018 11:49 AM
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I have a tool that runs and creates a feature where the user clicks.  It creates a polygon of a certain shape that the user must move and rotate.

How do i initiate either the Move or Rotate modify feature function from code.  i can't seem to get the setcurrenttoolasync to do this?  

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I am trying to do this at the end of my OnSketchCompleteAsync at the end but it seems to make my Map unusable and doesn't change the tool.  Do I need to deactivate my tool and trigger the other tool or something?


I first create a Polyline from a point where a user clicks, then i want the user to rotate that line as they desire.  

protected async override Task<bool> OnSketchCompleteAsync(Geometry geometry)
   await QueuedTask.Run(async () =>
      //Get the Geometry of the map and project to Local for better distance
      Geometry thisGeometry = geometry;
      thisGeometry = GeometryEngine.Instance.Project(geometry, MapView.Active.Map.SpatialReference);

      double extendLength = 125;

      Coordinate2D ClickPoint = new Coordinate2D(geometry as MapPoint);
      //Get the Row Direction Line to Display
      MapPointBuilder TopPoint = new MapPointBuilder();
      MapPointBuilder MidPoint = new MapPointBuilder();
      MapPointBuilder BottomPoint = new MapPointBuilder();
      MapPointBuilder RowDirectionPoint = new MapPointBuilder();
      //Get Top Point
      TopPoint.X = ClickPoint.X;
      TopPoint.Y = ClickPoint.Y;

      //Get Bottom Point
      BottomPoint.X = ClickPoint.X;
      BottomPoint.Y = ClickPoint.Y - (extendLength * 2);

      //Get Mid Point
      MidPoint.X = ClickPoint.X;
      MidPoint.Y = ClickPoint.Y - extendLength;

      //Get Row Direction Point
      RowDirectionPoint.X = MidPoint.X + (extendLength / 2);
      RowDirectionPoint.Y = MidPoint.Y;

      //Creating the Line though the vertex for the direction
      IList<MapPoint> segmentDirection = new List<MapPoint>
           MapPointBuilder.CreateMapPoint(TopPoint.X, TopPoint.Y, thisGeometry.SpatialReference),
           MapPointBuilder.CreateMapPoint(BottomPoint.X, BottomPoint.Y, thisGeometry.SpatialReference),
           MapPointBuilder.CreateMapPoint(MidPoint.X, MidPoint.Y, thisGeometry.SpatialReference),
           MapPointBuilder.CreateMapPoint(RowDirectionPoint.X, RowDirectionPoint.Y, thisGeometry.SpatialReference)

       Polyline directionThroughVertex = PolylineBuilder.CreatePolyline(segmentDirection, thisGeometry.SpatialReference);

       //Create and Row Direction Feature from the new line
       string intersectingFeatureName = "Row Direction Line";
       FeatureLayer RowDirectionFeatureLayer = 

       EditOperation RowDirectionCreateOperation = new EditOperation()
            Name = string.Format("Create point in '{0}'", intersectingFeatureName),
            ProgressMessage = "Working...",
            CancelMessage = "Operation canceled.",
            ErrorMessage = "Error creating point",
            SelectModifiedFeatures = true,
            SelectNewFeatures = true,
            ShowProgressor = true

        //Create the Feature and get its OID, then we can load it with defaults for the Tool
        long newFeatureOID = -1;
                    directionThroughVertex, oid => newFeatureOID = oid);
        bool result = await RowDirectionCreateOperation.ExecuteAsync();
//I WANT TO GET THE ROTATE TOOL TO WORK HERE (It deadlocks now or something)
    return true;
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"esri_editing_EditVerticesRotate" is a button (i.e. "command") not a tool. Try this instead:

  private ICommand _rotate = null;

  //Do work, process sketch, etc.

  //          "esri_editing_EditVerticesRotate");

  //activate rotate
  if (_rotate == null)
        _rotate = 
  FrameworkApplication.GetPlugInWrapper("esri_editing_EditVerticesRotate") as ICommand;
  if (_rotate.CanExecute(null))



I am not sure why you are deadlocking. FrameworkApplication.SetCurrentToolAsync would be a no-op in your case because the tool "esri_editing_EditVerticesRotate" does not exist.