Add-in doesn't get loaded when its built on my team-members machine

10-05-2021 02:57 PM
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I am encountering a frustrating issue with builds from a colleagues machine: they don't get loaded properly on any ArcGis 2.7 version, but load fine ok for users on 2.8.x

Builds on my machine load on both versions (we target 2.7.x and 2.8x)

Here are some observations;

  • I've checked that all dependent package dll versions are the same in both builds
  • for our own components, the file sizes do differ slightly for our own built components
  • no error messages during installation
  • no error message on load
  • the toolbar shows up, but buttons are greyed out inactive
  • the main add-in dll module is loaded into the ARcGis.exe process, though no dependent components get loaded

I'd really appreciate any ideas on how to troubleshoot this!

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