Add arcgis attribute pane funcionality in a new window

08-03-2018 12:07 AM
New Contributor
I want to build a new add-in with arcgis pro sdk. This add-in is suposed to open a window with some textboxes and do a Filter in a FeatureLayer which is already added in content.
The problem is that the result of these query I want to show it in the same window and not in the table pane as the usual.
(Do I have to add all funcionality (export, zoom to selected, datagrid) in the new window or simply adding an already built for arcgis pro sdk is enough???
I have been looking into the examples but none uses the attribute pane, only the attribute table and I would like to add buttons the same as attribute pane...
Is that possible?? Or just add this funcionality into my code??
Thanks in advance!
Best regards!
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