AccessViolationException in PolylineBuilder

12-05-2016 07:27 PM
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I found that PolylineBuilder throws the AccessViolationException when the builder is used after multiple Dispatcher.Invoke calls. If I use BeginInvoke instead of Invoke, everything goes fine, so it is the workaround. But I believe you should fix this problem.

I've attached VS solution with simple test add-in ( and test data (, place it in Debug folder after solution building). This test add-in contains one button (Click Me!) which opens a dialog. In this dialog click the Start button and you'll get AccessViolationException at line #35 in FeatureClassIterator.cs file.

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Hi Max, 

Thanks for finding this bug and for the clear reproducible case.  

We are fixing this issue for the 1.4 release.


Narelle Chedzey

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Hi Narelle,

I see it is fixed now (1.4). Thank you.