2.5 CreateRow(rowBuffer) Difference

02-07-2020 11:48 AM
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In the 2.5 version of Pro does CreateRow have some slightly different behavior?  In my code that worked with previous versions, CreateRow(rowBuffer) i don't recall triggered the RowChangedEventArgs.  It makes sense that it does, but in my old code when creating the row from the row buffer this was never triggered.  Should I want to skip the RowChangeEvent, I think I will need to again track something on that ROW, however I can't get an ObjectID from the Row buffer?  Do I have to use the Handle?

//This line now triggers Row Create event, where as it didn't before?  It think?
using (Row NewFieldRow = layerTable.CreateRow(rowBuffer))
                                                NewFieldGlobalID = NewFieldRow.GetRowTableValue("GlobalId");
                                                NewCurrentFieldObjectID = NewFieldRow.GetObjectID();
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