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11-02-2020 08:54 PM
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Graphics Layer capabilities arrived with ArcGIS Pro 2.6, and along with it, an extensive Graphics Layer API for the ArcGIS Pro SDK

ArcGIS Pro’s graphics layers are containers for graphic elements – geometric shapes, lines, points, text, or pictures. They provide a way to include simple notations on a map or layout that highlight particular areas or label places.

The Graphics Layers community sample provides a great overview of how the graphics layer API's capabilities can be used in creating different tools.  Building on this community sample, the new Graphics Markup Tools sample add-in available on provides a demonstration of how the API's capabilities can support a map markup workflow for field inspections, with survey locations as graphic “markups”. 

The sample's tools allow the user to add and update the status of these markups easily.  The tools are generic and can be applied to several inspection workflows – COVID-19 tracing, Census taker home visits, local government senior services, etc.

The demo dataset uses the CDC Social Vulnerability Index 2018 - USA layer, and the workflow demos including one of the data points with the markup information.

Video walkthrough available on YouTube here.

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