Dev Summit 2021: ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET Updates

04-07-2021 04:47 PM
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** This post was updated following Dev Summit 2021 to provide a link to the ArcGIS Pro SDK Plenary video.

In the third and final Plenary Session for Esri Developer Summit 2021 on April 8th, Jim McKinney, CTO Desktop Development, provided updates on the new Pro APIs available with the ArcGIS Pro SDK for Microsoft .NET at Pro 2.7, and also described the SDK’s extensibility patterns.

Next, Charles Macleod, ArcGIS Pro SDK Lead, gave demonstrations on the three new Pro APIs for Device location, Voxel layers, and the Parcel Fabric, which were introduced at Pro 2.7.

You can see the exciting updates and demonstrations here in this video:

Find out more about these new APIs introduced with the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET in the online documentation:

  • The Device Location API for connecting your GPS and GNSS devices to Pro.
  • The Voxel Layer API for the visualization and analysis of volumetric data sets contained in NetCDF format.
  • The Parcel Fabric API for the query, analysis, and management of your parcel fabric datasets.

Also, for all of the ArcGIS Pro SDK sessions scheduled at Dev Summit 2021, see this post.  Many of these sessions will be available in May on the Esri Events channel on YouTube.

Thank you for attending Dev Summit 2021!

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