Yesterday's Imagery Never Available in Sentinel-2 Imagery Services?

10-06-2021 09:17 AM
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Have never (last 3 years) been able to access the previous day of Sentinel-2 imagery from Esri's Living Atlas "Sentinel-2 Views" or "Sentinel-2 Level-2A" imagery services, even when removing any filters and definition queries, and when sat acquisition is known for a given tile/area and date. Same goes for when applying a def query by acquisition date and tile ID for known area with confirmed sat acquisition to last 2 days - nothing. Non-Esri platforms that use the same AWS-hosted imagery has imagery available as soon as 7 hours after acquisition (same-day), including Copernicus SciHub and Sinergise EO Browser ( Why the delay/lag on the Esri services? As it stands, we are forced to download tiles instead of using Esri imagery service in order to provide timely imagery products.

We inquired about this issue with Esri a couple of years ago and got a non-answer (yes it should be available you're just doing it wrong). If you agree, I challenge you to find a day-old imagery tile available in Copernicus SciHub or Sinergise's EO Browser (either to view or also available to download). Then try to find the same tile/date in ArcGIS Pro using either Sentinel-2 Views or Sentinel-2 Level-2A imagery services. Nothing.

Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance, all.


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