Working with the Image Service layer

02-21-2021 08:23 PM
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For ArcGIS Pro, I'm encountering problems using the Image Service Layer for satellite raster data.  The processing template does not work well, often creating band combination outputs that do not correspond to what I selected (e.g., Natural Color or Agriculture).  What tends to happen most frequently is that if, to take an example, I am using the multispectral landsat server or the Sentinel 2 server, when I click on Natural Color in the processing template, it will produce a 1, 2, 3 band combination (red = blue, green = green, and blue = red), rather than a 3, 2, 1, or in the case of the Sentinel 2 server, 3, 2,1 (which is not correct because Sentinel 2 has the band 1 (ocean) band and a 3, 2, 1 would not appear to produce a Natural Color image - rather a 4, 3, 2.  I can get around this problem (sometimes) by going into Appearances after I have clicked on a selection in the process template, and use a custom rendering.  In any event, the whole process of using the Image Service Layer seems very inconsistent and confusing.  I have worked with the Model Landslide Susceptibility tutorial (which is slightly out of date and using the Multispectral landsat (managed support) server, as well as another tutorial, and I'm not making much headway,  Also, going into Symbology and trying to select the bands that I need manually, does not seem to work either.  Really trying to learn this, but not having much headway.  I've brought in Glovis satellite raster images into my project in the traditional way before and that works fine, but does not take advantage of the special tool that ESRI has developed for its Image Service Layer.  What is going on!   

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