River bed from DEM

02-21-2021 09:39 AM
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Hi all,

I have a question about a 3D application (Local Scene).
I am investigating a river course and have created a polygon with the extent of the riverbed that I suspect.
To validate this, I want to extract the riverbed from a DEM.
For this I have created a layer from the river course and the DEM with the river and the corresponding heights as well as a layer with a 200m buffer around the river.
Now I want to create a surface that is e.g. 10m above the river. I want to intersect this layer with the DEM layer to create a layer that marks the location at each point of the river that is exactly 10m above the height of the river.
Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to create such a layer yet. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you very much.
Kind regards

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