Why is georeferencing not working?

02-24-2022 02:30 AM
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I'm having some problems georeferencing some .tif. In fact, when I finish adding the GCPs and save all the georeferencing process,  the image doesn't retain the spatial system information. If I save the GCPs and add them again to the image they move the image in the correct position but as soon as I close the Georeferencing, the image goes back in an unknown coordinate system.

Something odd is that I was able to georeference several files before this problem occurred, out of the blue, even though all the files are the same. The files are maps in .tif format.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Or what could it be due to?

I already tried to delete the .tfwx, .aux, and .ovr files. 

I'm using ArcGis Pro 2.8.0

Thanks a lot

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Are you following this procedure?

Georeference a raster to a referenced layer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

and do you have Pro set to this in the options, raster section?


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I am seeing this issue as well with Pro 2.9. I was able to georef two images just fine earlier, but as soon as a I tried georeferencing a 3rd image I am seeing the same issue. Can ESRI not produce a version of Pro that just works?!?! This is ridiculous. I've wasted two hours this morning trying to resolve something that should have taken me less than 5 minutes, and I'm seeing more than one post about this when I search Google.

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Update from 5 minutes later... I was able to get the georeference to work inside of ArcMap and have the image display properly, however I was receiving a warning that my points were not spaced out well enough and the image may be warped. The image that I am trying to reference in is pretty small and does not span a large distance, so I am not sure if that is part of the problem or not.


Like I said, I can still see the referenced image in ArcMap, and when I save the georeference in ArcMap the .tfwx file is generated. However when I pull that file into ArcGIS Pro after doing the georeferencing inside of ArcMap, the image still does not display properly. So I am wondering if Pro will not display a georeferenced image that receives the warning about a warped image...?

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