What is the step by step procedure of stream burning?

03-04-2019 08:33 PM
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What is the step by step procedure of stream burning to get a more accurate basin result of the river that i am analyzing? 

I am trying to get the catchment area of the Polo river in our city (Valenzuela City, Philippines) which is a fairly flat land. The results I am getting with the Fill>FlowDir>Flowacc>Watershed method seem to be not accurate and in the flowacc results, no stream result are in line with my river of study, instead the streams are intersecting through it. I read some in the forums about "burning in the streams" but can't fully understand the steps. 

Im still very new to gis and i really wanted to delineate the basin of my river accurately because i need it for my undergrad research. Can somebody help me please?

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For really flat terrain, the spatial analysis tools in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro are really poor at determining flow direction from raster cell to raster cell in flat DEMs, despite the inclusion of D-INF flow direction recently in the logic. You should perform your DEM pre-processing in Whitebox GAT | Home then bring it back into Pro and do D-inf flow direction. 

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