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What is the best way to publish interactive web map from ArcGIS Pro?

07-25-2023 06:16 AM
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Hello everyone, I wasn't sure whether to post this in ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online so it is going to both. I am using ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2 and been publishing online to use in Map Viewer and using instant apps and experience builder. 

I work for an organization as a GIS analyst and recently made a map for my company. My supervisor is saying it is occupying too many credits... I am trying to find a way to publish what I need and conserve as many credits as possible. I am not able to see the credits I am using, if yall are able, can you please give me an idea of a 'normal' amount of credit usage for a company that would regularly use and publish maps? (I barely understand credits)

Currently, I have a web map shared using the configuration 'Copy all data: Exploratory'. I believe this shares my web map as feature layers. Well, map viewer does not honor the symbology and label rotations I have when I use feature layers or vector tiles, so I am using a custom basemap comprised of 3 tile layers. The tile layers are cached locally on my server. I have 2 custom basemaps, a blank white and a world imagery, both with the same 3 tile layers. I did this in order to maintain the overall look of the map, but also made the corresponding feature layers within the web map invisible so you are able to interact with the map. Seeing the tile layers but interacting with the invisible feature layers. The idea of this map is that I would re-publish once a month, web map and tile layers, with updated information. Overall goals are conserving space while sharing an interactive map. 

Please offer some guidance on a better way to publish this and some ways to conserve space. I can share the map if necessary. 

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I share what I know about credit consumption.

Hosted feature layers consume credit based on storage stored in ArcGIS Online.
-> 2.4 credits / 10MB (per month)

A tile layer consumes credits when creating a tile at the beginning of issue or when regenerating a tile of an issued tile layer. And the tile layer can calculate the estimated credit consumption before service issuance in arcgis pro.
-> 1 credit / 10,000 tiles


Regarding credit consumption for your job, it seems you need to regularly publish hosted feature layers and tile layers. As per Esri's criteria for credit consumption, it's essential to be cautious about issuing duplicates for the same feature class when dealing with hosted feature layers. For tile layers, it's important to adjust the Level of Detail (LOD) appropriately based on the intended purpose. The number of tiles is directly related to the LOD.

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