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What are the columns in cross validation results for interpolation?

04-19-2023 01:47 AM
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Hi, I used ArcGIS 10.x (I know, it is quite old - I use that for some reason ...) and get a cross-validation result before applying the interpolation. The analysis process of ArcGIS 10.x is similar to that of ArcGIS pro, and I read that the results are also similar. The cross-validation result is a point shapefile, the attribute table of which looks like this: 


I know some of the columns: 

FID - The id of the features of this generated point shape file. 

Shape - Type of the features. 

Measured - Actual value of the point. 

Predicted - Predicted value of the interpolation method using the leave-one-out method. 

Error - The difference between the predicted value and the measured value. 

But for the others, I am not sure what they are: 

StdError - Standard error? How do we calculate it? 

Stdd_Error - ?

NormValue - ?

Source_ID - The id of the original features/points? 

Included - It says "yes" or "no". Does that column indicate whether the point is left for the final interpolation after the cross-validation? 

Thanks for your time. 

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