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12-08-2020 02:20 AM
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Hi, I am currently trying to publish a large amount of datasets, and for most of them it has been successful, but a handful comes back, first with the error code 999999, and when I attempt to publish them individually, the error message comes back with:

{"error":{"code":500,"message":"Service Hosted/Fig_66_National_park/MapServer not found ","details":[]}}

I'm not sure why, as the majority of the datasets were successfully uploaded. I've tried to look into the error message in different forums, but it has yielded no results so far.
Can anyone help explain it to me, as I apparently am not smart enough to comprehend ;)

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Search - GeoNet, The Esri Community

Had a number that were "solved", had you seen those?

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I did, but I couldn't find the solution to my problem. I might just have misunderstood what the issue behind my error message is, but I cannot figure it out.

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If publishing to ArcGIS Server/Portal (Enterprise).... You may like to look into the ArcGIS Server logs.
If we're receiving the following:

  • ERROR 002555: The ArcGIS Data Store (relational) is in read-only mode and new items cannot be published
  • ERROR 001369: Failed to create the service

You may want to look into re-setting the ArcGIS Data Store mode: https://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000022570

And then restarting the ArcGIS Server PublishingToolsEx service by logging into the ArcGIS Server Admin endpoint and navigating Home > Services > System > PublishingToolsEx > and stopping and starting the service.

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Me got the same error message but in a running AGS, not when publishing. The issue may come from connection between AGS and Data Store. Validate Data Store is still OK, describedatastore.bat is also OK.

A bit issue I found is the Pooling of some services in Hosted folder is not correct (min-max instance is 0-0), but after adjust correctly the issue still there.

Some trying like repair Data Store, AGS, re-connect between AGS and DataStore still not work.

We're finding solution...

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