Vector Tile Point Offset

03-18-2021 10:42 PM
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Designing vector tile basemaps, having trouble with inconsistent point offset distances between Portal / AGOL and ArcGIS Pro

Happy with how it looks in a web map, but when added to Pro a different offset results?

Arc GIS Pro SimonHaycock_0-1616131828730.png

Portal / AGOL SimonHaycock_1-1616131919830.png

Tried many different combinations of 'Preferred offset' (points and mm) and 'Measure offset from' (simplified symbol, feature geometry, and exact feature outline)

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Pro 2.5.2

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Solved: Labeling in Tiles versus Vector Tiles: Is this the... - Esri Community

similar issue???

a couple of years old but maybe the Enhancement never went through

worth a check before you invest too much more time

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