using living atlas layer to visualize data

03-08-2021 11:49 PM
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I have a datasheet (excel) that contains dutch postalcode's of members of a certain organisation. I want to visualize these by using a livingatlas layer which contains all of the postalcodes of the Netherlands. 

But for some reason when i choose to Join the attribute table with the standalone table (which consists my data) it doesn't work. It only joins a certain amount of the records and they will not appear on the map. Ofcourse i can choose to 'geocode' my table, but due to the high amount of postalcodes i want to avoid that, and i think it should be quite easy to filter the living atlas layer on only the records i want to see... 

Can somebody help or know what i am doing wrong?



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Some numbers and screenshots of what you're seeing might help, as well as knowing what settings you're choosing when you perform the join. If your data table and the Living Atlas layer have overlapping attributes, there's no reason an attribute-based join wouldn't keep all the records.

Here are some questions that spring to mind:

  • How many rows are in your table, and how many come out of the join?
  • Is the number of joined features consistent if you attempt it multiple times?
  • Are you setting the join type to "one to many"?
  • Does the Excel sheet have any inconsistencies in the joined field (i.e., whitespace characters, capitalization differences, etc)
- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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