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Using gradient in layout

06-06-2022 02:02 PM
New Contributor III

I am creating a map in layout and am using a rectangle to create a gradient but when I print to PDF there is lines where the gradient is shifting, the map is going to be printed so it will be noticeable, , wondering if anyone has found a way to make these lines go away?

I have outline width set to 0pt


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Esri Regular Contributor

Have you tried checking the Output as image setting? That rasterizes the PDF which reflects what a printer will do. Also, if you are using Adobe Acrobat there is setting for enhancing thin lines. Turning that off might help, it may be that Acrobat is trying to enhance lines that it shouldn't be. Another way to check that is trying to view the PDF in a different application. 

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Esri Contributor

In the Gradient fill Pattern settings, change the Type from Discrete to Continuous.




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