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03-04-2021 04:07 AM
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Is there any way to use a result from a fme script from an ETL tool to use in a dataflow in modelbuilder?

I have not worked with modelbuilder for quite som time and have mostly worked with FME. 


This is what I tried and it worked:

  1. Create a FME worksspace that read JSON and write to a geodatabase.
  2. Add it as an ETL tool and run the workspace from ArcGIS pro 2.7  (the workspace runs and stores data as it should

This i what I try to accomplish

  • Removed the writer in the fme script
  • Add a new ETL tool without a writer
  • Add the ETL tool as a part of a dataflow in modelbuilder. I want to use the result from the ETL tool to use the data further in the modelbuilder/analysis. But for now its enough just to view the result in some way, 
  • Now its just a sandbox but the image shows what I want to do



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Modelbuilder works with tools in ArcToolbox or in a pinch, you can incorporate python scripts into the model.  The python scripts should be tested separately to ensure that they can work within an ArcGIS Pro environment first.  But based on your model, you might just go the python route

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Thank you for your answer.  

you are probably correct that I need python to get the information to use. 

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I think perhaps to use calculate value is a way to go. 




I will also check this out. It look like it can give som clues.


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I am still stuck. 
I solved a part of it. The stuck part is written as questions. 

solution: When the ETL tool is writing to a GDB 
When the ETL tool is writing to a gdb i acually get a change in datatype when i use the tool "Select data" and can go further and use the tools that accept those types. 

Question: When the ETL tool is writing to a SDE

But When the ETL is writing to a SDE I am not sure what to do. A Thought is to perhaps add a tool that is triggered buy a precondition. 


Question: When the ETL tool is not writing to anything but I need the data in the dataflow

Dont know how to solve it





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