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USGS LiDAR data won't appear on the map

03-11-2023 08:00 PM
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I am trying to import some LiDAR data from USGS. I imported them as LAZ files, then used the LAS conversion tool to convert them to LAS files. It gave me the message that the coordinate system was unknown, so I used the define projection tool to assign the files the projection system as specified in the metadata (NAD 1983 (2011) UTM zone 17N). However, it won't show up on the map at all, and in the properties it says that there are 0 points or files. Telling the program to zoom to layer just zooms it out to the whole continent. I have tried downloading the files again, but it will not show any data points regardless of what I do. Does anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance.

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I'm currently having the same issue, any resolution for it?

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