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Use Power Automate to send scheduled emailed GIS notifications?

04-08-2022 06:17 PM
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I'm trying to find a way to send scheduled emailed notifications based on GIS data.

  • I want the automation to be server-based so that the mechanism is robust/reliable. I don't want to use Windows Task Scheduler on my local PC, which is what is used for scheduled geoprocessing tools.
  • I'm not in IT, so I can't manually set up scheduled automations on a server (i.e. Windows Task Scheduler, Oracle Scheduler, or SMTP). My organization doesn't have ArcGIS Notebook Server, and even if they did, as non-IT staff, I wouldn't have access to it. We don't have 3rd-party automation software like FME. And I don't have Windows admin credentials for installing software on my PC.
  • But what I do have access to is Microsoft Power Automate via Office 365 (not the Desktop version of Power Automate).
  • And I have ArcGIS Pro, including SDE/Oracle GDB connection files: an OS Authentication connection file and a database connection file to a specific Oracle user/schema/data-owner.


Is there a way to use Microsoft Power Automate (possibly in conjunction with Python and my SDE connection files) to send scheduled emailed notifications?

For example, on a nightly schedule, I want a server (Power Automate) to check for records in a GIS/SDE query. If the query finds any records, then email me a notification.
So, if there are construction projects in a FC where the status is FUTURE and the date <= sysdate, then those records are out-of-date, so I need the system to tell me about them so I can fix them.

Is there a way to do that?

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Hi @Bud -

Did you ever figure this out?

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Nope. I haven't had a chance to try.

I'll likely go a different direction: Create a table in SDE that is a list of database views. Create a python script that loops through he table and sends emails if certain conditions are met.

I talk about the idea in point #1 here: Practical GIS automation for non-IT users

Would be very interested in hearing about how things turn out for you.

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