Updating Tile Caches using a Mosaic Dataset

01-08-2021 07:11 AM
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I've been making Tile Caches using Mosaic Datasets as a source, but I'm running out of storage space for the source data for the mosaic dataset. Is there a preferred/recommended method for updating the tile cache? I could add the Tile Cache as a source in the mosaic dataset, or create a new mosaic dataset with the tile cache and the source data that will be used for updating. 


For example, if I have data from 2018 and 2020 overlapping. I've already created the tile cache with the 2018 data but I want to burn in the 2020 data on top. However, due to storage limitations, my 2018 data is no longer immediately available on my file system and has been removed from my Mosaic Dataset. If I just update the tile cache with the 2020 data, then the tile (in the tile cache) intersecting my 2020 data will be update with the 2020 data, but there will be a no-data collar area around it in the tile cache as the 2018 data is no longer in the mosaic dataset. 



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