Updating SDE Feature Layer via Automated Tool

01-22-2023 06:18 PM
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As part of my work I regularly receive inspection data for our linear assets, the attributes of which need to be updated. Currently I do this manually where I convert the table to a Geodatabase table, join with the SDE feature class and make the updates for the matched records.

I am wondering whether there is any way to automate this process and perhaps give the end user ability to make such updates via WebApp builder. Does anyone know what process would be involved to achieve something like that? Ideally I would also want to generate a report at the end showing number of matches and number of records updates. This way if there is any issue with a join we would know what records did not update.

I use ArcGIS Pro, Enterprise Geodatabase, ArcGIS Server, and Portal for ArcGIS

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The simple way is replica and syncronisation if schema is not change.

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