Updating fields in Joined table using ArcGIS Pro

02-23-2021 09:54 PM
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We will be using ArcGIS Pro 2.7 with Enterprise GeoDatabase on MS SQL Server.

Currently we don’t have the enterprise set up in place and hence we are trying to validate the below scenario in File Geodatabase:

We want to use ArcGIS Pro to manage spatial and non-spatial attributes in separate tables. E.g. For a feature class 'Building', all spatial data (Geometry, ID, Primary Key etc. ) will be in one table, let's say X and all the non-spatial attributes such as Building Name, Building Area, etc will be in a separate table Y.

We want to be able to update the data in join Table corresponding to table Y (e.g. Building Name) through a join from Table X by using a common field.

When we try to do this, we find that ArcGIS does not allow us to modify the fields joined to table Y (only the fields of Table X are editable in the join).

Is there a way to update the fields of table Y while keeping it joined with Table X like the way we are doing it for table X attributes ?

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As you have found, it is not possible to update Y from the join with X.

What you can do:

  • create a relationship class joining X and Y
  • select an X feature (in the map or in the table)
  • open the Attributes pane (Map/Edit -> Selection -> Attributes)
  • click on the triangle to the left of your selected feature, this shows a list of all exisiting relationships
  • navigate to your Y entry and edit it, apply (or auto apply)

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I am trying to do a very similar thing and running into the same problem. The difficulty with the solution mentioned above is that making each edit one-by-one spatially is not feasible on a list of thousands of edits. In ArcMap with a personal geodatabase, you could just open it in Access and run and update query to grab all the fields you want updated or you could do a join within Arc and use the calculated field function.

I have also tried to use the Calculate Field tool run as a batch tool, but it crashes every time. That route may be possible. I am going to put in a support ticket soon to see if it is my machine malfunctioning or if that is just an unsupported use of the tool.

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