Updating an existing feature service with new tables/relationships

05-26-2021 05:06 PM
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Hi folks,

I'm working with a nonprofit on a Collector/Survey123 setup to collect forestry measurements. I've developed a nice workflow where users can select plots within a Collector map, launch Survey123 through the popup and the submitted data is attached to the correct points through a GUID/GlobalID relationship.

The Collector map and Survey123 form are based off a feature service published from ArcGIS Pro to my organization's portal in AGOL. Everything works the way I want it to after publishing. Our field tests have been successful and the data appears in AGOL and the portal within ArcGIS Pro.

The problem is I'm not sure how to update the feature service without losing existing data in the tables. I have additional tables and relationships I would like to add to the feature service. I can bring the feature service from the portal into ArcPro and add new tables to the contents pane, but when I try to use Overwrite Web Layer I get several errors:


The 00362 errors only seem to happen when I try to publish/overwrite from items dragged from the portal - if I build the map directly from the geodatabase and publish the reserved field error doesn't occur.

I could do this each time (build a new map/service from the geodatabase) with the new tables and publish as a new web layer, but I lose the data we've already collected. I'm hoping someone can help me understand how to set this up so future updates can be published while keeping existing data intact.

Thanks for any assistance!






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Seems there is a disconnect between functions according to data source. You did not mention checking editing/publishing/overwriting (advanced type) settings/options in both sources.

You might also want to look into Append (Data Management).