How to set default text formatting for modelbuilder labels

05-26-2021 11:49 AM
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I'm running ArcGIS Pro ver 2.8 and am trying to set the default text size and justification for all new labels I add in ModelBuilder. I followed the instructions in the help docs but that procedure didn't work. As soon as I select a font size the box goes blank again and stores no default info. Same thing with justification and font name. I stayed away from Modelbuilder in Pro for awhile because it was so clunky and required more mouse clicks and keyboard strokes compared to Desktop ver 10.x. Seems it is still pretty much so (for instance, one must manually select and delete the 'Label' text in every new label - in Desktop that text simply disappeared when you clicked once inside the label).

Sure, I could add all the labels, select them all and then format the text. Being able to set defaults for this seems like a basic function that's still missing.

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