Updating a Filegeodatabase from a Hosted Feature Layer

01-28-2021 10:36 AM
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We use the ArcGIS Collector field app to regularly inspect certain assets. The database model is based on a one-to-many relationship. As the field workers would like the asset (point features) to be flagged in a different color when the response is submitted, I created a hosted feature layer as a view by joining the point feature layer and the Form table that contains the results of inspections to create a thematic map based on the presence or absence of the asset.

As each inspected asset is also indicated by a black dot above the point entity, it is very difficult for me to configure the map in AGOL to be able to change the color of the reported state as soon as another inspection is performed on the same asset (point feature) at a different date and time.

As a workaround, I was obliged to manually save the resulting hosted feature layer to an FGDB and truncate my form table so that I could empty it and configure a new join to generate a new hosted feature layer as a view.

So this approach is time consuming, I thought I would create a file database on my local machine so I could update it automatically from my hosted feature layer using a geoprocessing tool when new inspections are carried out.

See attached, a screenshot showing the map configuration used with ArcGIS Collector, in ArcGIS Online.

Does it make sense to use this approach as a workaround or are there other, easier ways to achieve my goal?
Thank you in advance for your answers and all your suggestions and advice are welcome!

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I know you can do this with an Enterprise Geodatabase configuration where when you publish a hosted feature layer from ArcGIS Pro, in the configuration of the GP tool you can tell it to reference registered data.  So when updates occurs say in ArcGIS Collector, it's technically pointing to the eGDB feature class.  Not sure if this is an option for you or not.

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your answer ... Unfortunately, we do not have an Enterprise Geodatabase license. To simplify my approach, I will simply have to use the Model Builder to automate the update of the table containing the Geodatabase inspection results from the hosted feature layer. Next, I need to republish the update from the Geodatabase as a new hosted feature layer in order to create a dashboard.