Update Lat/Long from attribute table show updated locations

08-03-2021 08:06 AM
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I have a shapefile with point data. The shaoefile has an x (long) and y (lat) field. I want to edit some of the lat long numbers to show an update location, but when I change the lat long numbers in the attribute table, the point location does not update. For example, I have a dot at 21.223 and -86.55, but it should actually be 15.66 and -86.55. I made the change in the attribute table but the visible location is the same. Any way to do this?

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Taka a look at creating an XY Event layer, if you want to manually adjust lat/long values and have that reflected in point locations.  Adjusting the values of fields that represent x,y locations in the table of a shapefile will not update the geometry.




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You can also use XY Table To Point to regenerate the points based on the lat/lon field values.



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Select the point which you want to edit and move it to exact location using go to xy. When you move point one location to other location the x,y value will be updated.

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