ArcPro Spatial References fixes not in ArcDesktop

08-03-2021 01:55 PM
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I had a question perhaps someone can shed some light on. We have an SDE database (SQL Server 2016) with a multiple spatial references (all listed in the SDE metadata table), each of the same projection but differing extent parameters. When our users edit this dataset, they get a data frame error message when using ArcDesktop (ArcMap) 10.8.1, however when performing the same edit in ArcPro 2.8, no such error message is present. 

I have moved this data around, imported, exported, restored,..etc and upgraded the data SDE to 10.8.1, but the multiple references all re-generate and as such, no effect in ArcDesktop in clearing up that error message. So the signs point to a toolage based fix, but I checked my technical support rep and they can't track down any specific product based fixed so  I thought maybe someone here in the technical ether may have run across this perhaps. My user things this is data issue but again the signs appear to point at some kind of product fix and would like to track that down. 


Thanks much,

-James Fox - GIS Database Consultant

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