Unpacking MODIS hdf 8-day composite in Pro

09-30-2019 11:01 AM
New Contributor II

I am using Pro to visualize MODIS Thermal Anomalies and Fire 8-day composite (MOD14) HDF's -- FireMask and MaxFRP.

Last year, when I viewed the same data in an older version of Pro, I am quite sure I was able to see variation in at least one of these variables across the 8 days of the composite.

Now, I am adding the hdf as a Multidimensional Raster, which I seem to have to view using the time slider.   Every day looks identical in both variables (in Properties, Number of Days = 0).   Alternatively, adding it as a Multiband Raster, every band has the same name in Extract Bands and looks identical on extraction.

Is there any way to just unpack the hdf directly into 8 separate single-band rasters per variable?

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