Unique Value Symbology using a CSV list as the attribute, ArcGIS Pro?

02-04-2020 12:03 PM
New Contributor II

Does ArcGIS Pro have some built in ability / or is there a clever method to illustrate some symbology of a point shape file by various attributes that contain a csv list within a cell?

As an example, say I have an attribute table like this (see image below) of a point shape file and I wanted to illustrate, with each point using BenificalUseID as different colors (say 1=Red, 2=Blue, 1,2=either purple or some stripped mixture of red & blue).

This is a simplified version of the data I'm trying to illustrate.  I've considered just doing unique combinations = their own color (say purple in this case of 1,2).  In reality the data I'm working with as a large variety of of BeneficialUseID combinations and I'm trying to illustrate this without introducing a new unique value just to identify those unique combinations.

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