Union Tool Invalid Topology Error

09-28-2022 10:29 AM
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Hello All,

I am currently running into a very strange issue with the Pro union tool. I am essentially trying to perform a simple union of two input layers, but keep encountering an invalid topology error (error 160196). I believe it is some issue with the xy tolerance but I have tried checking the geometry of the layer and repairing it to no avail. I have also tried to create a new feature class specifying the xy tolerance to be the same as the environment, then appending the feature data to the new feature class, but that did not solve the issue. There does not seem to be much documentation on this error and I believe I've tried all of the solutions provided in this documentation: 


I originally found this error due to a custom tool I developed not working and am at a loss.

Has anyone else run into issues with this error?


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