Unable to zoom beyond 1:1

07-14-2021 01:18 PM
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I work with survey grade pipeline data. When pipelines elbow or tee to travel perpendicular to the ground, the data collected along the riser can sometimes appear very close together when viewed in 2D.

To be able to work with this data in ArcMap, I had typically used the windowed Zoom In tool to zoom in closer than the 1:1 mouse wheel limit.

Now that I have started migrating to ArcGIS Pro, I noticed that I couldn't zoom in beyond 1:1. Using the Rectangle Zoom In tool doesn't work, and even typing 1:0.5 into the scale display automatically reverts to 1:1. I also noticed that if I create a new map and add the same data to it, I can freely zoom in past 1:1. It's only when I open a saved map that I'm unable to zoom past 1:1.

I was only able to find one post here that referenced this and it doesn't seem to be the primary issue in question: How small a feature can I digitize in ArcMap/ArcPro? 

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